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August 21 2018


The complete guide to Android Pie's gesture navigation

Three-button navigation is so 2017. Gestures are where it's at in 2018.

Google wants you to start exercising more (The 3:59, Ep. 446)

Google's got new ways to let you track your activity, Microsoft has spotted an election-meddling attempt, and we check out the Oppo Find X phone.

Google Fit adds new tools to entice you to exercise

The search giant introduces "Move Minutes" and "Heart Points," which keep track of little things you do to stay active.
Google Fit gets a makeover to tempt you back into your exercise routine
[TA Deals] Get into animation and unleash your creativity with this Animatron Studio Pro discount!
Google Photo Books finally launches in the UK

Google sued over tracking user location amid privacy concerns

A Google user says the company misled him and other users.

August 20 2018


How to get into museums for free in September (and all year long)

Get access to fine art, science, history and much more, gratis.
OnePlus finally gets a US carrier to sell phones on store shelves
[TA Deals] Kickstart your career with the discounted Ultimate IT Certification Training Bundle
A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with a five-digit price tag

Apple Watch Series 4 all but confirmed in regulatory filings

The filing implies an imminent release for the wearable.
Nokia’s “most awaited phone” to be revealed on August 21st
[Deal] Save up to 45% on these Anker Accessories
Huawei Mate 20 shrinks the notch even further in latest render
Fitbit’s Charge 3 wants to be a competitive fitness tracker in a smartwatch market

August 19 2018

New Snapchat update for Android teases better performance and new features

August 17 2018


Facebook reportedly asked by US government to help wiretap Messenger

That would mean breaking encryption on the chat app.

11 settings to change on the Note 9 right away

Your Note's default settings are cool and all, but a few tweaks make it so much better.
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